Beyond the Gi: Jiu Jitsu Socials for Families & Friends

Jiu Jitsu and Social Life: A Perfect Match

Some say you can’t train Jiu Jitsu AND have a social life, but that could not be further from the truth. If anything, your jiu jitsu family becomes your social life! 

Jiu Jitsu students socialize at local park

A Sunny Afternoon of Food, Fun, and Friendship

Such was the case on August 5, when a handful of jiu jitsu students and their families gathered together at a local park to share a hot, summer, Saturday afternoon together. Families brought homemade salads, fresh fruit, and baked goods. Other students spent the time grilling burgers, steaks, and picana to share. 

Jiu Jitsu students enjoy food, family, and friends

From The Gi to Playground: Jiu Jitsu Kids Building Bonds

 Meanwhile, the jiu jitsu kids played on the nearby playground. For hours, the group of kids from our kids’ jiu jitsu classes juggled between hanging out on the swings, having a nerf war, and playing freeze tag. 

Jiu Jitsu kids having fun at social

From The Mats to the Field: Jiu Jitsu Adults Test Agility

Our adults tested their agility and cardio against each other in games of flag football and soccer. While these were fun pick up games, there was no shortage of friendly competition on the field. It was great to see our jiu jitsu athletes, who are usually in Gis and refined to a mat, show off their speed and camaraderie in team sports. 

Jiu jitsu athletes test agility with soccer and football

Monthly Socials: Fostering Jiu Jitsu Family Connections

Our monthly socials are a new addition to our Team Calendar. The goal of the monthly socials is to give jiu jitsu students an opportunity to get to know each other off the mat. We know that your jiu jitsu friends become more like family over time, and we want to give everyone a chance to meet each other’s families and socialize outside of a class in our tournament setting. 

Jiu Jitsu families at the park

Join Us on September 17 for the Next Jiu Jitsu Social Event

We hope that all of our students will join us at our next monthly social on September 17! This will likely be our last one before the weather gets cold, so let’s enjoy the sun while we can. 

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