IBJJF Charleston & FUJI Raleigh

The weekend of October 29 & 30 was a busy one at Team Casarez! 

IBJJF Charleston

5 students made their way to Charleston, South Carolina for the IBJJF Fall Championship.

Professor Tony, Milo, Justin, Bryan and Catherine competed in their respective brackets. The results are as follows:

Tony – 2nd No-Gi Black Belt Adult Light Feather

Milo – 2nd Gi Purple Belt Adult Medium Heavy, 3rd no-Gi Purple Belt Adult Medium Heavy

Justin – 2nd Gi Purple Belt Master 1 Feather

Catherine – 2nd Gi Blue Belt Adult Open Class

Bryan – 2nd Gi Blue Belt Master 3 Open Class

The team also collected the trophy for the Alliance association who won second place overall in the Gi Championship. 

FUJI Raleigh

The next day, 4 more students competed at the FUJI Raleigh tournament.

Trinity, Thiago, Brian, and Angelo represented Team Casarez, and Professor Luiz was there to coach them.

They all had great matches as well, and these were the results:

Trinity – 2nd and 3rd place in 2 kid divisions for the Gi. She also had the second fastest submission in the kids division with a kimura.

Thiago – 2nd in the masters Gi division. He also scored the top points in the entire masters division including all belt colors getting 5th place out of many.

Brian – 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in 3 different divisions including masters and adult, Gi and no-Gi.

Angelo – 2nd and 2nd in both Gi and no-Gi masters divisions. He had the fastest submission in the masters division with an ankle lock. 

Congratulations to all of these students on their strong performances! 

Halloween Fun!

The following Monday was Halloween and we celebrated during kids’ class with costumes, bouncy houses, zombie freeze tag, mummy races, and of course Jiu Jitsu and candy! 


It was a busy weekend at Team Casarez, and we are back to training now. We are looking forward to taking a team to the Newbreed Raleigh tournament in December. 

If you are interested in training with us, send us an email at casarezbjj@gmail.com

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And here’s what to look forward to at the gym:

  • Miranda Maverick Seminar – November 18-19
  • NEWBREED Raleigh – Dec 17
  • Christmas Party – December 18