Spring Team Tours The Country

Between April and June, Team Casarez students competed in 4 IBJJF Opens and the IBJJF Worlds in California. Here is a look at what our students accomplished together: 

1. IBJJF Charleston

The season kicked off with the IBJJF Charleston in early April. Three of our students competed at this IBJJF tournament. 

Milo had 7 matches total, and 3 submissions. 1 Ezekiel, 1 TP Triangle, and 1 Bow and Arrow. He earned 3 medals: Gold in the Adult Purple Medium Heavy Champion, Silver in the Adult Purple Absolute, and Silver in the Adult Purple Medium Heavy No Gi. 

Catherine won one match by Kimura and a second match by points, which earned her 1st place in the Adult Blue Lightfeather division. 

Fernando earned 3rd in the Adult Purple Middleweight division. 

Our Alliance association won first place overall in the Team Adult Gi division. 

2. IBJJF Nashville 

Byran Bowman competed solo in the IBJJF Nashville. He dominated his division and won 1st place overall in the Master 3 Adult Purple Belt division. 

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3. IBJJF Chicago & Newbreed Charlotte

The team traveled together again to the IBJJF Chicago shortly after Bryan’s wins in Nashville, and took home multiple medals. 

Milo won gold in his weight division and silver in the Adult Purple Absolute division. 

Catherine won silver in her weight division. 

Professor Tony also won silver in his weight division. 

Byran B. won 3rd in his weight division. 

While some of the team was in Chicago, students back in North Carolina represented at the Newbreed Tournament in Charlotte. Together, these students brought home 8 gold medals – an incredible feat!

Nicolas earned double gold. 

Trinity earned triple gold. 

Chris earned 2 gold and 1 silver. 

Yana won gold in her division. 

Silas earned double bronze in his division. 

4. IBJJF Atlanta 

The team continued on to compete in the IBJJF Atlanta. Overall, six students from Team Casarez stepped on the mats to compete for gold. 

Milo won silver in Adult Purple Medium Heavy and bronze in the Adult Purple Absolute. 

Catherine won gold in the Adult Blue Lightfeather division. 

Fernando won silver in the Adult Purple Middleweight division. 

Bryan B. earned gold in the Master 3 Purple Middle division. 

Professor Tony won bronze in the Adult Black Belt Lightfeather division. 

Nicolas won silver in the Juvenile Grey-White division. This was his first ever IBJJF tournament and he had an amazing performance overall!

4. IBJJF Houston

Bryan B went on to represent the team solo again at the IBJJF Houston. He dominated his division and earned himself a place at the top of the podium. The points he earned competing over the previous months placed him as the 3rd ranked competitor in the world for his division. 

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4. IBJJF World Championships

The spring season and all of the hard work that was poured into it was put to the test at the IBJJF World Championships in California. 

We had 3 students compete in the Adults Worlds – Catherine, blue belt division, Milo, purple belt division, and Gabbi, brown belt division.

Our students performed well, winning some matches, showcasing some skills we have been working on, but ultimately, they came up short of medaling.

Competitions such as these test every level of the athlete – technical, physical, and mental. Each of these factor into performance and can be evaluated and refined for future competition and success.

Professor Tony competed in the Masters International tournament and won his first match. He advanced to the finals where he lost in a close match. He earned 2nd at the Masters International in his division!

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In the end, we grew from this season. 

Thank you to all of the students who made the spring season competition such a success. Thank you to all of the students at the gym who push the competitors everyday. Thank you to our coaches, and our head of association, Lucas Lepri. 

We never walk alone.

Stay tuned for more updates and a summer recap coming soon. 

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