Tap Cancer Out 2022

8 students competed at the Tap Cancer Out tournament in Raleigh on September 22. Tap Cancer Out is one of the best local tournaments to come to Raleigh. It is competitive, well organized, and raises money for the fight against cancer. Team Casarez a lone raised $4,294, and the tournament altogether raised almost $100,000.

We are proud of the students from Team Casarez who put in the work and showed up to compete.

Out of the 8 students, 7 medaled. There were 5 silver and 2 gold medals. The techniques that we have been working at the gym made themselves known at the tournament, and that is all we can ask of our students.

That is the purpose of jiu jitsu competition. Test yourself against an opponent who wants the win just as badly as you do. It is then that your drilling and training becomes evident. We also go to tournaments to identify areas of improvement, so that we can always come out stronger and better for the next one.

Congratulations to these students for all of their hard work:

Brian 2nd

Zach 2nd

Austin 2nd

Jackson 2nd

Justin 2nd

Henry 1st

Carl 1st

Thank you to Tap Cancer Out for hosting the event, and to all of the students for their hard work. Thank you especially to the families of students who support the jiu jitsu lifestyle.