Technique Of The Week #3

This third installment for the technique of the week displays how to avoid someone from attacking you from the back, preventing a slam or takedown, and then transitioning into a kneebar.

The breakdown starts with:

  • Upon the attacker wrapping their hands around your waist control the grip.
  • Lock your foot around their leg to prevent them from picking you up.
  • When you touch back down from the failed slam, reach between your legs and grab their ankle.
  • Pull up and fall to the same side as the leg at an angle.
  • Apply the kneebar by flexing your hips and pulling up on the leg

This is a common self defense scenario and one that can happen to anyone. At Casarez BJJ here in Cary NC a Lucas Lepri affiliate we strive to not only show moves that work on the mats but also on the street. Coach Tony Casarez and his team want to ensure that all the students here at Team Casarez BJJ are prepared for any situation.

Our Adult BJJ and Kids BJJ programs focus on moves just like this and more. For either self defense or sport, BJJ has changed the lives of many and we invite potential students interested in Raleigh, Durham, and Cary to come try out a free week. Contact us today for more information on our BJJ programs.