4 Wins at IBJJF Atlanta

On February 11, our school sent four students to compete at the IBJJF Atlanta International Open, and the results were simply outstanding. All four of our students won gold medals in their respective divisions, and 3 won the absolute division, bringing home a haul of six golds for our school. It was a proud moment for our school community, and we wanted to share the details of this amazing achievement.

The four students – Riya, Milo, Bryan, and Gabbi – had been training for months in preparation for this competition. They were fully committed to their training, putting in countless hours on the mats, refining their techniques, and sharpening their mental and physical game.

On the day of the competition, they arrived at the venue with a clear focus and determination to succeed. They had to face stiff competition from other schools and individual competitors, but they were ready for the challenge.

Bryan earned Gold in the Masters Purple Belt division and silver in the open class going 2-0.

Riya earned Gold in her Juvenile Blue Belt division and silver in the open class going 2-1. She submitted one opponent by armbar.

Milo followed suit, and won his Purple belt division and the Purple belt adult division, submitting his opponent in the finals. He ended the day with a 5-0 record.

Gabbi won the Brown belt Open Class and earned gold as well, submitting her opponent in the finals and going 2-0.

It is clear that their hard work, dedication, and commitment paid off.

As a school, we are immensely proud of our four gold medalists and their achievements in this competition. Their success is a testament to their discipline, focus, and hard work, as well as the support and encouragement of their coaches, teammates, and families.

We hope that this victory inspires our other students to set their own goals and work towards achieving them with the same level of dedication and commitment. Congratulations again to Riya, Bryan, Milo, and Gabbi on this amazing accomplishment.

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