Miranda Maverick shares MMA & Self Defense Knowledge

On November 18-19, Team Casarez hosted UFC Fighter Miranda Maverick for a collection of seminars. The seminars included women’s self-defense, striking for MMA, and grappling for MMA. 

Miranda Maverick is a professional MMA fighter who has tested her skills in the most competitive MMA organization in the world, the UFC. She is currently ranked in the top 15 in the flyweight division. 

In her most recent fight, she put on a dominant performance against Shanna Young. She displayed outstanding wrestling, striking, and jiu jitsu. 

Her seminars were packed with knowledge for our students. 

In the women’s self defense seminar, students learned how to get away from situations including wrist grabs, chokes from behind, pushed up against a wall, and a handful of other scenarios. This seminar was open to experienced and non-experienced students alike, because this knowledge should be shared and learned by everyone. 

The striking seminar introduced students to the fundamentals of striking, touching on techniques from both kickboxing and Muay Thai. This included kicks, punches, sweeps, and defense. 

Finally, the grappling seminar touched on techniques and details of grappling that work specifically for MMA. Sport competition and MMA have evolved in different directions, so it is great for students to learn the details of how to use their Jiu Jitsu in a situation where punches may be involved. 

Thank you to Miranda Maverick for sharing her time with us. Thank you also to the students who attended the seminars and made them a success. 

We are excited to host her again in the future. 

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