What To Bring To Train BJJ and Practical Hygiene For The Mats

In this blog, we are going to breakdown what to bring to train BJJ with some main items to have once you start training brazilian jiu-jitsu. Many people may not be able to afford a whole set up once you get the GI and other main accessories, but some of these items below will make training more enjoyable.

What to bring to train BJJ

The Bag –

It’s important to have a place to keep all your stuff even if you are training at a gym across the street from your house. Having an optimal bag is a place that holds your GI, change of clothes, small medical kit, a towel, and if needed possibly some basic shower staples. I like to just use a small backpack personally, but there are many people who prefer a full on duffel that holds more. I think this all depends on how often or how far you travel to train.

Flip Flops or Sandals –

Many people may not consider this, but you need to keep the mats clean from the germs, and there is nothing like trying to get on and off the mats for a restroom break, to go grab a drink, or even to get your mouthpiece and tape before rolling.

Small Medical Kit –

Most training facilities will have a basic first aid, but it is always nice to have your own supply.

  1. A few band-aids
  2. Alcohol wipes
  3. Sports tape
  4. Fingernail clippers (Keeping your nails trimmed prevents injuries to your partners)
  5. Hand sanitizer

This will take care of any minor cuts which can happen all the time from finger and toe nails, mat burns, and more. It is always a good idea to get these types of wounds cleaned and covered quick.

Change of clothes and towel –

This would depend on your driving distance for most people but the truth is that we have germs all over us once we are done training and they are not your own. Having a basic t-shirt and shorts will do just fine to change and hop in the ride and get home to shower up. There is nothing like a person who takes up BJJ and just rides home without changing, it becomes noticeable for all who ride in your car trust me. Also, keeping a small towel to wipe down with keeps sweat out of your eyes and can be used as a cooling tool by putting water on it and placing around your neck if you feel overheated.

Water bottle –

First, you should always bring some water with you, and if you go through it on a fast pace it is nice to have something to fill up.

When asking yourself “what to bring to train BJJ?”, these are some of the main items that I think will help the everyday brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner be prepared on the mats. This would be for both adult brazilian jiu-jitsu and kids brazilian jiu-jitsu as well. Having the items above on-hand can do wonders when the items are needed. This also helps with hygiene and just keeping cuts clean, clothes dry, and clean feet on the mat. Not all bacteria is bad which is true, but there are too many risks with not being clean while training BJJ. Stay tuned to the Casarez Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu blog for more tips and articles. We provide a variety of classes in Cary at  329 North Harrison Avenue – Unit D Cary, NC 27513 and invite all to come try a week out for free. We have Adult BJJ, Kids BJJ, and Capoeria classes, so do not hesitate and give us a call or contact us today.