Why A BJJ Journal Can Help

BJJ Journal Casarez BJJ Cary NC
As we are starting off in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, it is very easy to get lost in all the techniques being shown, but being able to retain that information will help you elevate your game and help your training partners.

Options for a BJJ Journal

  • Cloud document like Google drive can be of great assistance as you will have access wherever you go for easy viewing during open mats.
  • A simple notebook from the store, and this is one of my favorites as you can decorate it with stickers, sayings, or even goals.
  • Note cards are an option as well, but you can lose these easily, so I would not 100% recommend these, but they are great for reviewing. For example, 3 guard passes on a card and then 3 escapes on another.

The thought of wanting to get this benefit out there for BJJ practitioners is when you are brand new to the sport technique and repetition is what makes the difference. The problem is missing a simple step can make that technique not work creating frustration.

A Tool For Learning On and Off The Mats

Think of it as a tool of the trade, not a task that you have to do. The best time for me to write this down is right after class while everything is still fresh in my head. Also, if you are a more advanced student this may not seem as important, but I still would recommend it just as a refresher at times when you are working on a new strategy. Having a book of your path through this beautiful journey is also a keepsake that you can cherish for years. Just think you make that long road to black belt and look back at some of your journals and see when you were writing the first time you learned how to do an armbar drill or a Kimura.

At Casarez BJJ, we always strive to find the best way of helping people on their journey of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. We are located in Cary, NC and invite all out to try a free week of our Adult BJJ or Kids BJJ classes.